School of Life Africa flyer December 2021


At the school of life we are convinced that the best way to help a person achieve greatness is to formally and deliberately coach and mentor the person to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes of great people.
We are also certain that one can only be great if one finds out first:

  • the reason for one’s existence – who are you?
  • the type of passion one brings to this world – what do you truly love doing?
  • the natural gifts and strengths one was born with – what are your core talents?
  • the specific problem(s) one was shaped to solve in this world or the needs of mankind you feel drawn to meet

The school of life is not like the typical school that offers people certificates and degrees by teaching mathematics, science, economics etc. At the school of life we recommend and teach the missing elements (life skills) which are a must-have to face the real world.

Join us in the next class, as we partner to create the future we all desire for our children and ourselves.