Why We Exist

The School of Life was founded by Chike Onyia, J.D. and is powered and administered by Zolts Limited. The idea about the School of Life was conceived in 1999 when certain experiences of the founder led him to question the way young people are trained in preparation for adulthood and the realities of life. After many years of research and analysis, the founder concluded that the typical academic curriculum which most schools utilize to educate young people is not sufficient to prepare them for success and greatness in life. The founder realized that what was missing is specific training tailored to equip the young person with the necessary LIFE SKILLS needed to live successfully. This singular realization led to the founding of the School of Life where young people are taught life skills.

Hence, at the School of Life we have a simple but bold vision: To Prepare Teenagers for Success and Greatness in Adulthood.

Join us for the next class, as we partner to create the future we all desire for our children and ourselves.